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Papa Panov's Special Christmas

In today's sermon, Mike spoke about a favourite story: Papa Panov's Special Christmas, by Leo Tolstoy.

The main Christian theme in this Christmas story is that by serving Jesus by following his example, we serve each other. The voice of Jesus comes to Papa Panov at the end, paraphrasing Matthew, Chapter 25 v40, saying,

"I was hungry and you fed me. I was naked and you clothed me. I was cold and you warmed me. I came to you today in everyone of those you helped and welcomed."

It's a reminder to us that the spirit of Christmas is not in material gifts to our close friends and family, but rather giving to those in need whom we do not know.

Click here to read the whole story. Parents whose children were busy rehearsing the nativity today may like to download this to read as a bedtime story in the lead-up to Christmas Day.

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