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Pancakes: how do you eat yours?

Some countries mark the day before the start of Lent with Mardi Gras (literally 'Fat Tuesday') carnivals. We eat pancakes. As small compensation for your missing out on a feather headdress, come along this Sunday (11 February) and learn what's behind our tradition, and enjoy a mid-service snack. Yes, we will eat pancakes.

Thanks to Hannah and Harriet Barter, we'll be treated to the Shrove Tuesday story, and some freshly flipped crêpes.

Then, adjourn to the church hall to snap up some stylish bargains at our fabulous jumble sale, and buy some baked goodies at our cake sale.

Lemon and caster sugar? Roast veg? Blueberries and maple syrup? Cheese and ham?

Here are a few tips from top chefs for the perfect batter, and some fillings to take your pancakes to the next level. Suggestions include adding Champagne to the batter (though Prosecco would probably do), and whisking the egg whites separately.

If you prefer American-style pancakes, try this method.

Or take advice from master patissier Eric Lanlard. He's from Brittany, where they know a thing or two about a pancake.

However you eat yours: enjoy. And remember... you've got 40 days coming up during which you can worry about sticking to the diet again.

And if that weren't enough, here are a few recipes to help you ring the changes this Tuesday

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